General Strategy during runs

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General Strategy during runs Empty General Strategy during runs

Post  Gohan on 8/20/2007, 12:24 pm

During runs you have to listen to the leaders' instructions, i.e. me and the sack holders.

When we enter no one pulls, attacks or aggroes a mob before PT leaders check their PTs and a leader asks the puller to start pulling.
If you hit a mob before the whole alliance is inside the limbus zone, the people who are still outside can't enter anymore!!

At the beginning of each run a main tank will be appointed. His role is to set the right target in case of link situations.

If a link occurs, RDMs or BLMs are to Sleepga the link then Sleep II each one of the mobs. The main tank will designate the target to kill first and the rest of the melee will assist him. For this you need to have a macro '/assist Name_of_the_main_tank' ready.

There are some situations were links can't be avoided, and where we'll have to Elemental Seal > Sleepga mobs before pulling them. In this case wait for specific instructions from the leaders.

A main puller will be assigned at the beginning of each run. No one else is allowed to pull unless a leader asks them to.

Don't you ever go on and open a chest on your own!!! Unless instructed to do so.

In some temenos towers we can only open one chest per level and opening a recovery or item chest while we need a time extension could screw up the clear or pop an avatar while the alliance isn't ready to take them.


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