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Post  Gohan on 8/20/2007, 1:10 am

Ancient Beastcoins:

Those are lotted by one of the leaders, then equally split between the members at the end of each run.

The extra AB left after the distribution will be put in the bank.

We are 10 members and drop a total of 43 AB. That makes 4 AB per member and 3 go to the bank.

In case we make 2 groups and send each one of them to a different zone, all ABs from both zones will be equally split between all members no matter what zone they went to.

We are 10 members, we make 2 groups, Group1: 6ppl to Apollyon SE, Group2: 4 ppl to Apollyon NE. Group1 drops 45 AB, Group2 drops 30, that makes a total of 75 AB to split between 10ppl, therefore everyone gets 7AB and 5 go to the bank.

AF+1 items:

Here are the conditions:

  • Job 70+
  • Blue Want to Buy comment set 5min before leaving Port Jeuno, only one piece per comment or the comment won't be accepted
  • Point leadership among people who commented the same AF
Any AF items lotted (with or without comment) will cost the lotter 1point.

If a piece drops that no one had commented on, everyone with the job 70+ will be allowed to lot it, it'll cost 1point to whoever gets. If no one wants to lot, it'll go autosort.

Boss Drops:

the new costs for lotting items from Omega and Ultima

Head 10 points
all other parts 50% of your current points before this fight with a minimum of 10 points

To be eligible for a boss item you have to meet the following conditions:

  • A lvl 65+ job that can equip it.
  • Help with farming
    You need to make half the farm runs, that's like 2 apollyon zones out of 4 and 3 temenos zones out of 6.
    For temenos one of the 3 zones at least has to be a floor (e.g. 1 floor + 2 tower or 2 floors + 1 tower or 3 floors)
The priority will be given to the member with highest points who meets the conditions aforementionned.

By the way you might already know that, but it doesn't hurt to remind you: you pay what you get!

You can go into negative points to lot Boss drops, that will happen in case a piece drops and everyone else is saving their points for another, so I'd rather see someone - even a new comer - spend points on it than lose it.


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