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Post  Gohan on 8/19/2007, 6:27 pm

We start gathering at Port Jeuno as follows:

  • Tuesday 6:00pm GMT
  • Saturday 2:00pm GMT

A .5pts bonnus will be given to those who gather at Jeuno (Upper, Lower, Port or Gardens) before that.

Members are to get ready for the teleport before the time limit. By being ready I mean they have to be standing near Sagheera with the right job, geared up and in posession of the Cosmo Cleanse Key Item.

Time limits are:

  • Tuesday 6:15pm GMT
  • Saturday 2:15pm GMT

When we reach the time limit, we'll teleport to the right crag and start looking for the Aw'euvhi.
If you miss the teleport you miss the run. *New*

Runs will be scheduled on the forum, we'll try to do one Temenos + one Apollyon, if we don't have enough people we'll got for Temenos. *New*

If we miss one clear we'll try again the run after it. Unless it's a temenos floor in which case we'll have to repeat the tower leading to it too. So temenos floor clears will get more points than the others!!

On boss runs if you still don't have the good setup 5 mins before teleport time we'll cancell the boss and go farm. *New*


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